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April 15, 2021

‘Housing First’: how two URBACT cities in Belgium implement the right to housing

Find out how two Belgian cities are fighting homelessness as part of the URBACT ROOF network.
February 15, 2021

‘Yes, We Rent!’ Journal 2: Reactivating the private empty flats has started!

UIA Expert Nils Scheffler updates us how “the acquisition of empty flats as well as the training of troubled adolescents for the renovation of the empty flats is progressing, despite the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.
December 18, 2020

EU cities explore fair finance to boost adequate and affordable housing

Local government actions to regulate housing markets and combat exclusion are showcased in a joint URBACT-UIA initiative.
June 25, 2020

Cities engaging in the right to housing Web conference #2 – No one left behind – Introductory paper

The introductory paper provides background to the web conference “No one left behind”, the second in a series on “Cities Engaging in the Right to Housing” and part of a one-year joint learning activity between UIA and URBACT.
May 28, 2020

Community-led housing – a key ingredient of urban housing policy

Collaborative housing models that put residents' needs before private profit are raising standards in affordable and adequate housing. They are part of a broader portfolio of housing solutions for ‘cities engaging in the right to housing’ – the theme of a series of three webinars jointly organised by URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions (UIA).

Past Events

May 6, 2021

6th annual Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe

On Thursday 6th May FEANTSA & the Foundation Abbé Pierre will present their 6th annual Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe. Growing housing exclusion and unemployment: youth at serious risk!
April 22, 2021

Cities engaging in the right to housing: a call for a long-term political commitment

UIA & URBACT are organising a final event featuring the main results of the culminating activity of Cities Engaging in the Right to Housing - a 1.5 year of cooperation between the 2 EU-funded programmes, paving the way to future knowledge sharing within the European Urban Initiative.

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