UIA and URBACT joining forces for the right to housing

Throughout 2020, UIA and URBACT have explored how cities can design housing policies and practical solutions to implement the right to housing.

The collaboration between the two EU-funded programmes was a first of its kind, paving the way for future knowledge sharing activities in the frame of the European Urban Initiative.

January 2020
24 April 2020
26 June 2020
14 October 2020
19 November 2020
April 2021
Launch Event
Cities Forum
Web Conference #1
Community-led practices
Web Conference #2
No one left behind
European Week Session
On housing and covid
Web Conference #3
Fair finance
Final Event

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Cities Engaging in the Right to Housing facilitated exchanges between cities and connections with strategic players at national and EU levels.

Laura Colini, URBACT and UIA Lead Expert coordinated the learning activity.

UIA and URBACT experts Maite Arrondo, Martha Giannakopoulou, Annette Kuhk, Ruth Owens, Levente Polyak, Iván Tosics, Martha Giannakopoulou and Nils Scheffler also supported and contributed to the activity and the production of podcasts and videos..

UIA and URBACT would like to thank cities, researchers, housing organisations, EU institutions for their contribution to the debate, including:

URBACT is a European Territorial Cooperation programme dedicated to promoting sustainable, participative and integrated urban development in European cities. URBACT’s mission is to enable cities to work together and develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges, by networking, learning from one another’s experiences, drawing lessons and identifying good practices to improve urban policies.

Since 2002, URBACT has been the first European Territorial Cooperation programme to put strong emphasis on the production and sharing of new knowledge building on existing experience and practices coming not only from the URBACT partners but also from similar or complementary European projects and programmes. Click here to visit URBACT Knowledge Hub.


Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an Initiative of the European Union that offers European cities with the possibility to take a risk and experiment the most innovative and creative solutions. The main objective of UIA is to provide urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges, and see how these work in practice and respond to the complexity of real life.

With the many projects generating a constantly growing wealth of thematic and operational knowledge, UIA also focuses on urban knowledge generation and its transfer, implementing pilot mechanisms and actions that contribute to the definition of the European Urban Initiative value chain. Explore the UIA Knowledge Lab to find useful urban knowledge and inspiring solutions.